The New Patient Experience

Welcome to Carlden Health Family Clinic! To help you acclimate to our practice and adjust to a new way of doing things, we thought it would be helpful to outline exactly what to expect during your first visit to Carlden Health Family Clinic. Our goal with this page is to walk you through the process of becoming a new patient, including scheduling, billing, and contact processes, as well as the expectations we’ll have for you as our patient. We hope to cover every detail that you might consider relevant during your first few appointments to our office so you’ll know what to expect and feel more comfortable during your initial visits to Carlden Health Family Clinic.

How do I make an appointment?

Call 301-447-0710 or complete this form.

What will I do before my New Patient appointment?

Before your scheduled appointment, please review these necessary steps to establish as a new patient at our office:

  1. Verify your insurance is active and in-network with Family Care.
  2. Complete all three of our online New Patient forms. Start with #1 and you will be transferred to the next form after you hit Submit.
  3. Request records from your previous provider. 

If you download a document to complete by hand, instead of completing the online version, you will need to print, complete, sign, scan, and return the documents using our File Upload page.